The Headlight mod

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First of all, sorry for keeping a gap in our motorcycle mod series, I had to complete my projects.
Now in this post, we are going to discuss the headlight mod. Now, this is an essential mod because, while riding in the night it is essential that you as a rider get a good view of what is ahead of you and the person opposite to you see you properly as well.

Now using a high beam can give you a good vision of what's ahead of you, but it will lower the vision of the person opposite to you. As a motorcyclist, bad judgment by the car opposite to you can lead to fatal injuries you get, even if it isn't your fault. So it is always important to keep our side clear and not do something that will make the oncoming traffic uncomfortable.

So the most efficient way to do that would be to get a good powered low beam light which will light up the road without blinding the person opposite to you. Now the regular halogen bulbs you see in most motorcycles aren't that good for illuminating the road. The best option would be to switch to an HID bulb or LED bulbs. The HID's provide higher illumination but they don't last as long as the LED's, but lasts twice as long as the regular halogens. The only downside to the HID's would be the extra adapter kits that they require.

If you are not doing that much of hill/mountain rides, then the go-to option will be the LED. They don't cost as much as the HID's and doesn't also require as much work as the HID's to install. The LED's also provides a decent amount of illumination (not as much as the HID's, but way better than the halogens).

Bulb upgrade kits for bikes

Projectors for bikes

These are some of the upgrades you can opt for. Browse for the verity of options available and go for it. Cheers.


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