The handle bar and mobile holder mod

Hello adrenaline junkies!!

In this post, we are going to talk about handlebars and mobile holders.

The handlebar mod is preferable for machines with clip-ons. See most supersport model bikes are equipped with clip-on handlebars. While clip-on handlebars give you good leverage around the track, on the city roads in bumper to bumper traffic it will take a toll on your wrists, if your bike has a committed riding position (like the RC390 of R15). So if you are going to be riding your machine in the city most of the time it will be good if you get a handlebar riser and change your clip-ons to a proper handlebar. Even though it's hard to find a custom handlebar raiser here, I have seen many people use handlebar raiser of KTM Duke and RE Himalayan. I would prefer to use the raiser of KTM as it gives a commanding riding position than the Himalayan's. (Note, if you don't find a custom handlebar raiser for your bike then you will probably have to drill through your con-set to fit it. If done incorrectly then it could have a very bad impact on your bike's handling. So find a good mechanic before you proceed with this mod.)

Now the second mod in this discussion is about the mobile holder. Now, consider you are living in a crowded city, and you have to go to a new place in the city, obviously, you will not be familiar with the direction. It is not practical to stop here and there to check directions on your mobile phone and go, if you do so then it might take you forever to reach your destination. The best solution is to get a  mobile holder for your bike. With this mod, you can simply put your mobile in front of you and navigate along. This is very helpful mod if you are going on long distance journeys as well.

I have linked below the best mobile holder I could find on Amazon below.

Mobile holder with charging port

Hope you find your fit. See you on the next one. Cheers


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