Tank Grips

Hello Adrenaline junkies,

Now if you are the kind of person who likes to scrape your foot pegs in every corner then this mod is for you. A simple sticker in the tank may seem worthless before you have it installed, but it makes a lot of difference to the way you lean your bike.

The tank grips allow you to stick on to your bike without actually slipping around. This gives you a whole new level of confidence for leaning you bike ( WARNING!!! DON'T CORNER TOO FAR ON PUBLIC ROADS WITH HEAVY TRAFFIC).

I have seen many professional track riders use this mod. They also say it is very useful when it comes to scraping your knees as well. It lets you hold on to your bike with the one leg that's in contact.
( P.S Sorry for concentrating on only sports bikes after this series I will be making content only specially for cruisers (RE in particular)).

I will list below some of the tank grips available in India. you can check it out and find the one suitable for your bike.

Tank Grips available in India:

Tank grips for RC 200/390
Tank grips for KTM Duke 200/390
Tank grips for Dominar 400
Tank Grips for TVS Apache RR 310
Tank Grips for Yamaha R15 V2
Tank Grips for Yamaha R15 V3
Tank grips for RE Himalayan

Hope you find your fit. If you have any doubts feel free to comment below. See you on the next one speed freaks until then RIDE SAFE. Cheers.


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