The Performance mod

Hello adrenaline junkies,

As I said on the fender eliminator post we are going to go from rear to front on the motorcycle mod series.

Now for this performance mod, we need three parts. 1, High flow filter (for more air), 2, ECU (or bigger jets if your motorcycle is carburetted, for better combustion) and finally 3, an aftermarket exhaust. See the thing is you won't get a  performance boost by only applying one of these mods. All the three mods work hand in hand to enhance your machine's performance.

So this is how it works. The high flow filter lets in more fuel, the ECU lets in more gas and better combustion, and finally, the aftermarket free flow exhaust does the rest of the job.

Yeah, you may feel that your bike is propelling ahead faster than anything else when you change your exhausts, but that is just the feeling you get when the sound hits your ears. A free flow exhaust creates a way for more gases to escape out of it without any resistance but if there are no extra gases being produced by the engine then there is no point setting it up.

So if you are planning to get an aftermarket exhaust for your machine, consider changing the filter and ECU(jets if your motorcycle is carburetted) as well.

And yeah, if you are planning to change all the three parts in your motorcycle consider buying a full exhaust kit which doesn't require the stock catalytic converter ( which obviously reduces performance by blocking the exhaust flow)

KTM Duke and RC 200 Performance mods :

K & N High flow washable filters
PowerTronics ECU for Duke/RC (2013-2016)
PowerTronics ECU for Duke/RC (2017-2019)
GPR Exhaust for Duke/RC 200

If you guys need help for any other bike, just leave a comment below and I will definitely help you pick the best products your bike needs for that performance boost. Cheers.


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