Rear fender eliminator

Rear fender eliminator

Hello adrenaline junkies,

We are going to kick off this blog in the tail to head manner, means we are going to focus on the rear of a motorcycle first. Obviously, most of the bikes launched in India these days have a sharp look up front but as we come down to the rear it looks hideous (for eg. look at Bajaj pulsar RS 200, it's the first fully faired bike in India from an Indian manufacturer. While most of us will like it new faring and the pop-out projectors(some might not), the tail section of the bike is really ugly, especially the tail lights (I am really not a big fan of the rear fender of the RS 200) ). Anyways most of the bikes will have a sleek looking front and an ugly looking rear fender. The best way to resolve this is by getting a rear fender eliminator. With a rear fender eliminator, your bike's rear will look as sleek as it's front.

It's pretty easy to fix a fender eliminator on to your bike. Just remove the existing giant mass in the rear and hook on one of the eliminators (link will be given below this blog). There are many verities of fender eliminators (premium, low quality, foldable(which are generally police magnets) and so on).
Choose the one best suited for your budget and hook it up.  I will be posting a video on setting up a fender eliminator on YouTube soon (will leave the link as soon as I post the video). Till then explore the variety of fender eliminators from the below list :

Fender Eliminator for KTM bikes (all models which are 2017 and above)
Fender Eliminator with Indicator Brackets (Fits for most of the KTM bikes)
Universal Fold-able Fender Eliminator (a little bit low on quality) Premium Fender Eliminator (this comes with a number plate illumination and many modes adjustability but costs more too)

And last but not least,

Yoshimura Fender Eliminator Kits (this kit comes in specific for different bikes, so choose the one compactable for yours)

Hope you found the right fit for your machine. If not just comment below your motorcycle and I will the find the best fit for you. Cheers


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