The Headlight mod

Hello Adrenaline Junkies!!!

First of all, sorry for keeping a gap in our motorcycle mod series, I had to complete my projects.
Now in this post, we are going to discuss the headlight mod. Now, this is an essential mod because, while riding in the night it is essential that you as a rider get a good view of what is ahead of you and the person opposite to you see you properly as well.

Now using a high beam can give you a good vision of what's ahead of you, but it will lower the vision of the person opposite to you. As a motorcyclist, bad judgment by the car opposite to you can lead to fatal injuries you get, even if it isn't your fault. So it is always important to keep our side clear and not do something that will make the oncoming traffic uncomfortable.

So the most efficient way to do that would be to get a good powered low beam light which will light up the road without blinding the person opposite to you. Now the regular halogen bulbs you see in most motorcycles aren't …

The handle bar and mobile holder mod

Hello adrenaline junkies!!

In this post, we are going to talk about handlebars and mobile holders.

The handlebar mod is preferable for machines with clip-ons. See most supersport model bikes are equipped with clip-on handlebars. While clip-on handlebars give you good leverage around the track, on the city roads in bumper to bumper traffic it will take a toll on your wrists, if your bike has a committed riding position (like the RC390 of R15). So if you are going to be riding your machine in the city most of the time it will be good if you get a handlebar riser and change your clip-ons to a proper handlebar. Even though it's hard to find a custom handlebar raiser here, I have seen many people use handlebar raiser of KTM Duke and RE Himalayan. I would prefer to use the raiser of KTM as it gives a commanding riding position than the Himalayan's. (Note, if you don't find a custom handlebar raiser for your bike then you will probably have to drill through your con-set to fit i…

Tank Grips

Hello Adrenaline junkies,

Now if you are the kind of person who likes to scrape your foot pegs in every corner then this mod is for you. A simple sticker in the tank may seem worthless before you have it installed, but it makes a lot of difference to the way you lean your bike.

The tank grips allow you to stick on to your bike without actually slipping around. This gives you a whole new level of confidence for leaning you bike ( WARNING!!! DON'T CORNER TOO FAR ON PUBLIC ROADS WITH HEAVY TRAFFIC).

I have seen many professional track riders use this mod. They also say it is very useful when it comes to scraping your knees as well. It lets you hold on to your bike with the one leg that's in contact.
( P.S Sorry for concentrating on only sports bikes after this series I will be making content only specially for cruisers (RE in particular)).

I will list below some of the tank grips available in India. you can check it out and find the one suitable for your bike.

Tank Grips availab…

The Performance mod

Hello adrenaline junkies,

As I said on the fender eliminator post we are going to go from rear to front on the motorcycle mod series.

Now for this performance mod, we need three parts. 1, High flow filter (for more air), 2, ECU (or bigger jets if your motorcycle is carburetted, for better combustion) and finally 3, an aftermarket exhaust. See the thing is you won't get a  performance boost by only applying one of these mods. All the three mods work hand in hand to enhance your machine's performance.

So this is how it works. The high flow filter lets in more fuel, the ECU lets in more gas and better combustion, and finally, the aftermarket free flow exhaust does the rest of the job.

Yeah, you may feel that your bike is propelling ahead faster than anything else when you change your exhausts, but that is just the feeling you get when the sound hits your ears. A free flow exhaust creates a way for more gases to escape out of it without any resistance but if there are no extra ga…

Indi Moto Mods

Hellooo Adrenaline junkies,

I am Kaushik, an automotive enthusiast from Kerala. I've been riding/driving bikes and cars since 2013. The thing that really got me into the automotive industry was the time when I got to ride a Ducati Monster for the first time during the Ducati Demo Road Show. That's when I felt the raw power, character and the excitement an engine and two wheels can have (obviously, the Ducati had more than an engine and two wheels, or else I wouldn't be here to tell this story). Since then I have come a long way. I have taken track riding classes, participated in the Indian national motorcycle racing championship once, participated in Ducati Off-Road Days Edition I, and so on.

One of my main hobbies is to DIY things on my motorcycles/scooters & cars. Till this date, I've owned a few bikes two cars and 1 scooter (Bajaj Caliber 115, RE bullet 350, Hero Impulse, Bajaj RS 200, Aprilia SR 150, Maruti Suzuki 800 and Honda WR-V to be specific). In all the…

Rear fender eliminator

Hello adrenaline junkies,

We are going to kick off this blog in the tail to head manner, means we are going to focus on the rear of a motorcycle first. Obviously, most of the bikes launched in India these days have a sharp look up front but as we come down to the rear it looks hideous (for eg. look at Bajaj pulsar RS 200, it's the first fully faired bike in India from an Indian manufacturer. While most of us will like it new faring and the pop-out projectors(some might not), the tail section of the bike is really ugly, especially the tail lights (I am really not a big fan of the rear fender of the RS 200) ). Anyways most of the bikes will have a sleek looking front and an ugly looking rear fender. The best way to resolve this is by getting a rear fender eliminator. With a rear fender eliminator, your bike's rear will look as sleek as it's front.

It's pretty easy to fix a fender eliminator on to your bike. Just remove the existing giant mass in the rear and hook on one…